We find most of our customers clean their carpets once per year. We have also found that no matter how good our initial job was after about six months things would show signs looking dirty. The carpets didn’t look terrible, but the traffic lanes would start to look kind of dingy. In turn, our clients had to put up with dingy carpet traffic lanes for the next six months until their yearly carpet cleaning appointment rolled around again. So we came up with the "Stay Beautiful Program". This system lets you keep the same high carpet appearance level year round, for about the same money as a one time per year cleaning. After your initial cleaning, in six months we will then schedule a second cleaning of open and traffic areas at no charge by simply paying monthly toward your next annual cleaning. An additional benefit includes free spot cleaning should you accidentally spill something on your carpet is included in your monthly payment. Just call an make an appointment. Ask our Tech or call our office for more information.
Stay Beautiful Program
• With Stay Beautiful you are basically getting “two cleanings for the price of one”!
• We will automatically debit the monthly amount from the debt or credit card that you choose.
• Your price is locked in for the next year.
• Less planning/calling for you: We will call you automatically to schedule on your preselected dates.
• No long term obligation- You can modify or cancel your Stay Beautiful Service
Agreement at any time.
• Discounted other services- Any work that is not covered under your Stay Beautiful will all receive a 20% discount if it is scheduled and performed while we are at your home.
• Keep your carpets looking great all year long.
Our Stay Beautiful program offers so many advantages:

ELF Stay Beautiful Program

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